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To create a big buzz in this time and age, you must get your music posted on a lot of blogs. That’s exactly what we can help you with. Our blog placement package will get your single, video, or mixtape posted on many Hip Hop blogs. We guarantee a minimum of 15 blog placements but we usually secure more than that. Your music will be posted within one week and we will provide you with links to all of the posts.

Since every submission is unique, we can’t pick and choose exactly which blogs will post every submission. But, we find the most success for our clients with the following blogs: AllHipHop, ThisIs50, TheSource, JackThriller, YouHeardThatNew, ItsBizkit, RespectMag, DailyLoud, DJHoliday, DopeFuture, TheDailyDose, RapStarVidz, MechanicalDummy.

If there are any blogs that you want to get on the most, just let us know and we will make those our primary focus. But, again, we can NOT guarantee that a certain blog will post your music.

Blog Placement

  • Your Music Posted On At Least 15 Blogs
  • Delivery Time:
    Within 1 Week