Can Controllerism DJing Really Stay Underground Forever?

DJ Buddy Hollywritten by Wendy Williams

Controllerism is synonymous with digital DJing. The word “controllerism” was coined by Matt Moldover, popularized by Ean Golden among electronic music enthusiasts, and brought to the public by DJ Buddy Holly through controllerism songs. Digital DJ equipment companies are having their equipment demonstrated by well known DJs like DJ Craze, DJ Shiftee, and DJ Qbert. There are many old school turntablism DJs that have stayed true to musical performance using strictly vinyl records. However, this is the digital age and controllerism, defined as digital turntablism or digital DJing, is everywhere. Digital DJing is at clubs, raves, and is commonly heard in today’s popular songs. When was the last time you saw a DJ carrying a crate of records? Chances are, it’s been awhile. So, that just leads to the question of where is controllerism going in the future?

Right now, the art form appears to be drifting into the mainstream. The answer to the question posed “Can Controllerism DJing Really Stay Underground Forever?”, is a definitive NO. DJ Controllerism is the sound of our future, so listen up and you won’t miss a beat.

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