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Curtis YoungInterview conducted by Joy Grizzard Hancock (@behindthaseen) for www.realrappromo.com/www.thisishiphopmusic.com
real RAP promo and This Is Hip Hop Music had the pleasure of speaking with Curtis Young – son of the legendary producer Dr. Dre. Formerly known as Hood Surgeon, Curtis Young has now found his true identity –  a more mature and sexy artist in the hip hop world. We asked him about his part in the upcoming reality TV-show, Seeds Of Hip Hop, which also stars Eazy E’s son, MC Ren’s son, E40’s son and Jam Master Jay’s son. We also talked about his upcoming album, Product Of My DNA, what it’s like being Dr. Dre‘s son and more. Hit the jump to read the full interview.
TIHHM : We know you’re the son of the legendary super producer Dr. Dre and you have started your own company Forever Young Entertainment. You have said that is was not only your desire but your destiny to continue your father’s legacy. Tell us when you first started rapping and producing.

Curtis Young: I started rapping at a early age, like I just started scribbling stuff down at the age of 12. And then finally getting into producing, it’s been about like the last 12 years.
TIHHM: So you have been doing it for a while?
Curtis Young: Yeah, I been doing it for a long while.
TIHHM: Aside from the obvious, that you are Dr.Dre’s son. What are your plans in gaining your own identity in music industry?
Curtis Young: My plans are just staying away from what’s already done. You know staying in my own lane, just bringing the grown and sexy to the hip hop world. And you know my story, ’cause I got a story of what I been through. It’s my whole story in the aspect of me being Dr.Dre’s son. Just letting the people in the world know what I came from, what I strive for and what I have to go through to make it in this game. Just because I’m Dre’s son it doesn’t mean anything to me, it’s still hard work and dedication for me from day one.
TIHHM: So do you feel like it’s more pressure for you in this industry because your his son?
Curtis Young: It’s a gift and a curse. A lot of people look at it like, “how you gonna walk in your daddy’s shoes?” Or whatever it is. You know I look at it like, I stay in my own lane. He has different music from me. My music is more…. like it’s almost like a new era. He definitely has a era, he’s a trend setter. And me having his DNA in my blood, I’m a trend setter too.
TIHHM: Speaking of your DNA, you are currently working on your album Product of My DNA. Is it set for summer release? Can we expect it to come out soon?
Curtis Young: No, ya know what, right now Product of My DNA, I’m working on it. But now what the people can definitely look forward to is Doctor’s Note. For Doctor’s Note we are about to release some singles, in May…probably about the end of May. I’m not sure when we are going to release the album entirely. But that’s what we working with first. Product of My DNA is definitely in the works. I just knocked out a couple of singles for that already. I know the world has definitely has been waiting on that one. It’s not gonna be like a Detox type of wait.(lol)
TIHHM: So we are going to get the hear some singles from Doctor’s Note on air soon?
Curtis Young: Yes, Right.
TIHHM: Do you have any collabs that you are working on now?
Curtis Young: Just a few collabs, producers and stuff I’m about to be working with for Product of My DNA. Doctor’s Note was something like you know not a mixtape we called it the “Script” tape, you know like Prescription. (lol) Based on the vibe of that it, where it’s something for the streets and something for the industry like right now… While they wait on Product of My DNA.
TIHHM: Product of My DNA is a deeply personal album for you and we know it’s dedicated to your Grandmother and your Brother. Is it going to give us the story of your life through your music?
Curtis Young: It’s gonna give the story of my life, definitely touch on me and my Brother’s relationship before he passed. It’s gonna touch on things that happened in my life. Me losing my Grandmother, which was really like losing my Mom. You know my Mom had me at the age of 15, and that was basically my Mom at the time. Yeah it’s just gonna touch on things like that. And then there’s gonna be some fun music on there. Just for people to enjoy and have fun with. Just the new era of the West Coast.
TIHHM: You’ve transitioned and did a whole metamorphosis from being Hood Surgeon. From wearing white T’s and sneakers to this whole new grown and sexy suit and tie look.
Curtis Young: Right, I’m a grown man you know what I mean. That’s what I was, I was really trying to find myself and understand who “Curtis” was. I didn’t know who he was because I didn’t even know my own identity. I just changed my last name to Young like 4 years ago. Just reminding me of not even knowing who my father was, and it was just a lot for me to take in. Then you know, I wanted to be just like him. That’s where I got Hood Surgeon from. It was the mimic of Dre and that’s what I wanted to be like. Like, now that I look back I really should have just been myself from the beginning. But, ya know just as kids we go through things. You know I’m a grown man now, that’s me..I’m more classy. I’m sure the women and a lot of people from the hoods to people in the industry will appreciate that.
TIHHM: Yeah, to be yourself..
Curtis Young: Right. you know it’s cool, a lot of people have these images, but that’s just me I’m more of a classy person.
TIHHM: Have you worked on anything with your dad or are you just doing stuff with your own production?
Curtis Young: I’ve been doing stuff with my own production, but it’s not..you know, the apple don’t fall too far, you know what I mean. I didn’t know I had this in me but I think, I think, ultimately, from me meeting my father and knowing that, finding out at the age of 12 and then meeting him at the age of 20. Me finding that out..made me want to get in tune with what really this game is and what it involves. It was a lot of trial and errors. But now I know it, I know what I’m doing and I got it and I know what people gonna want. It’s not..a lot of people look at it like “oh you know, is he going to be just like Dre? Dress like Dre or whatever, but I don’t look at it as that. As long as that Young name is standing at the end of time, you know, I feel like I’m blessed with that. That’s all I need.
TIHHM: I totally get you. I know that you guys are doing some things in the future. What can you tell us that you’re going to do that will raise people’s eyebrows..tell us about the reality show that you’re working on.
Curtis Young: The reality show is called Seeds of Hip Hop. It’s in the works. That’s one of the aspects to get real close to me, Jam Master Jay’s son, MC Ren’s son, E40’s son and Eazy E’s son.
TIHHM: So, is that something you feel comfortable doing. A reality show..so people can find out who you really are besides being Dre’s son.
Curtis Young: Yeah, ’cause I want people to understand I’m a real person ’cause a lot of people look at it, you know..nobody knows how Dre lives ’cause he’s very private. You know, I’m more of a person that’s..I’m just a humble person and it’s more, like it’s reality with me. I’m not in it.. you know celebrity status, that stuff is cool and all but, at the end of the day you know, really, it’s not that serious.
TIHHM: I hear you. I like where you come from.
Curtis Young: I just could never be like that. I just don’t like how..you know, some artists, I’m not going to say any names or anything, but some artists just really take it to the extreme, like “I’m just a celebrity and this and that.” You know what, you can’t take it all with you. I just want to put God’s name out there. And that’s what I’m here to do.
TIHHM: You are so blessed and fortunate to be where you are and we want to get your message out there. Is there anything you want to say to your fans? They are anxiously waiting to hear from the iconic Dr. Dre’s son. What will set you apart?
Curtis Young: I want my fans to know that what’s definitely going to set me apart is, you know, probably a lot more music. It’s a whole new era of music, producing new acts. Just know that I appreciate my fans. I’m very humble, I sign every autograph. I sit with every person, that’s just me, you know. I will never be no Hollywood at all. I’m just a real dude.
TIHHM: It was a pleasure to talk to you and I thank you for taking the time to talk to me tonight.
Curtis Young: I appreciate that.
TIHHM: We can’t wait to see you guys on Seeds of Hip Hop reality show.
Curtis Young: I can’t wait for it either.
TIHHM: We’ll be listening for your singles to come out. You said they will hit the air waves soon?
Curtis Young: Yeah, real soon. Like, we’re a month away.
TIHHM: Awesome. So, we need to get our interview up and out so people can look for it.
Curtis Young: Yeah, we’re talking real soon.
TIHHM: It was really a pleasure to speak with you. Good luck to you in the future.
Curtis Young: It was a pleasure to speak with you too. I appreciate it.
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