Exclusive Interview With GunPlay

GunPlayWhile currently on house arrest, Maybach Music Group‘s most controversial artist GunPlay took the time to speak with realRAPpromo.com. We spoke with him about his new Mixtape (which dropped January 18th), his upcoming debut album, the meaning of the rat on his single cover, tattoos and more. Hit the more button to read the interview.

So you have a Mixtape that just dropped on January 18th – Cops&Robbers – Can you tell us a little about it? What can we expect from it music wise?

GunPlay: It’s like a compilation of all my latest releases with some unreleased material and some re-mixes, you know the latest features and stuff like that. Like the A$AP Rocky record. It’s like a GunPlay compilation.

So, where can we get your mixtape?

GunPlay: LiveMixTapes.com (http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/20406/gunplay-cops-robbers.html)

Are you going to be releasing a debut album on MMG or DefJam anytime soon?

GunPlay: Yes, yeah I got a deal – A Maybach/DefJam deal and we probably trying to release the album maybe late spring.

Does your Mixtape reflect what your official debut album is going to sound like or will the album surprise us?

GunPlay: Yeah it’s just like an appetizer sorta..something like that.

Are you working on a collaboration album with Rick Ross and French Montana?  

GunPlay: No I’m working on my debut album.

So, I wanted to ask a little bit about your self. Where did you get the name GunPlay?

GunPlay: Um, you know, it’s kinda self explanatory.

A fan on Twitter had a question for you. @DiscoverDis wants to know how long do you see yourself in the rap game?

GunPlay: You know, longevity, longevity is great you know but um of course I want to do other things. Acting and stuff like that.

Oh, so you would like to act?

GunPlay: Yeah, yeah and I’m gonna sell out quick and I’m gonna go straight to Hollywood on ya’ll.

There has been some chatter on the internet about the art work for the track “No Church”.  Some people are saying that the Rat hanging from the noose symbolizes 50 Cent. Would you say that is correct?

GunPlay: No, nah  

So, that’s just an internet rumor?

GunPlay: Yeah, no nah that’s not, that’s not that. I got my own, I got my own beef in the street. Real shit, not no rap shit. That’s second. I ain’t worried about that right now. I’m fighting my for my life with this case. You know I got real rats I’m really worried about ya know. It’s for  real It’s not, not rap rats.

I know this is controversial to a lot of people especially if they don’t know the meaning behind it. But you have a Swastika tattoo. Can you kind of elaborate about what that means to you.

GunPlay: Um, it just, it’s like, that symbol, it was a symbol of peace and love and happiness and stuff you know, and then you know a dictator. A brutal dictator like Hitler, he turned it in to something bad, you know that the world sees as bad. So that’s the same way I feel about, that’s the same way I feel about um kids and people in general. Because they start off young innocent, you know we don’t have a choice and society and you know – see what it turns you into “something ugly” so that’s what that represents. Look at what you made.

So is there anything you want to say to your fans or haters?

GunPlay: Go get my album, Medellin. It’s a Medellin thing.

Where can we find more music and info about you?

GunPlay: My twitter mostly, cuz I post all my music and all my videos and all my latest material on Twitter @GUNPLAYMMG

Go download my Mixtape Cops&Robbers.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us today.

GunPlay: No problem – anytime. Thank you.

Interview conducted by Joy Grizzard Hancock (@behindthaseen) for www.realrappromo.com

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