Hott Kitty Kat feat. SoCal Barbieee – Ain’t Been Broke In A Minute

Hott Kitty Kat links up with up and coming artist SoCal Barbieee to create the female version of Tory Lanez‘s “Ain’t Been Broke In A Minute.” They want to show that female bosses are living it up as well. They have the money, cigars, and private jet.

Hott Kitty Kat can currently be seen on a brand new VH1 show costarring with Tamar Braxton. She is a model, actress, celebrity host and entrepreneur. She featured SoCal Barbieee on this song to break barriers and really show their craft of music and to shake waves. Hott Kitty Kat and SoCal Barbieee are two talented artists that have been working hard and are dedicated to their careers.

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