Kentron ClutchAF – Infatuated

NC Rapper Kentron ClutchAF had plans of releasing the 1st single “Infatuated” off of his new album da aTRAPulent conception on 4/16/21 to promote the album’s release which is set to be released on 5/14/21. But due to the overwhelming amount of love received after he posted a snippet of the single on his IG (@kentrondadon910), he decided to release the single today, a week and half earlier, via Soundcloud (The single will be available on other streaming platforms 4/16/22) . The Cameron From The Bull-produced track gives an undeniably captivating sound, that easily retains the attention of anyone listening, while Kentron jumps in and out of cadences throughout the verses, making for an entertaining listen from beginning to end. Throughout the verses, Kentron drops vivid and very descriptive tales, of the trap and scolds those involved with the underworld who partake in immoral practices all while showing his vulnerability in explaining why he and those like him choose to be involved in the streets. The song has the potential to be a top song of 2021 for the trap music genre and strongly solidifies that the Fayetteville NC native will soon be the subject of a major label bidding war in months to come.

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