Kulture Free-Dem – Juss Barz

Kulture Free-Dem is a well established rapper and artist who comes from the boroughs of New York City. Having always had a natural affinity for lyricism, Kulture Free-Dem began writing rhymes at the young age of seven. At nine, he won a Rap Contest at a St. Gabes event. By fourteen, Kulture began to record some of his freestyles on cassette tapes. After signing to Dick Scott Entertainment & Congo Square Productions when he was sixteen, Kulture was already on the path of becoming an established artist.

Kulture Free-Dem’s latest single “Juss Barz” was released on November 19th. His vocal color is effortless and stylistic; seamlessly synchronising with the melodic flow of the instrumental accompaniment. The systematic inclusion of panned backing vocals amalgamate with the main vocal to form a unique sound that reflects Kulture Free-Dem’s creative compositional talent. The repetitive flow of the memorable instrumental hook forms an almost hypnotic vibe, allowing for the main rap to deliver the creative diversity that makes this single engaging from start to finish.

The rhythmic lyricism showcases Kulture Free-Dem’s writing ability whilst also highlighting his performance talent as each line flows effortlessly into one another. By the time this track has finished, you’ll definitely have the catchy melody stuck in your mind; ensuring you hit that repeat button to have another listen. From the well balanced mix and eclectic melodic flow, to the impressive vocal performance, fans of Kulture Free-Dem, as well as those who appreciate new and creative music, will definitely want to hear this single.

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