New Album: Henny Holyfield – Clocked In

From “Classic” to “Win,” Clocked In is a full length album arriving right on time for its scheduled Summer release. During the era of the EP, at times we hear projects that are well composed and may leave you with the feeling of wanting more.

A roller coaster of valleys and peaks with fluent transitions and executed concepts, the album is well organized in its arrangement. Each record sparks a healthy dose of curiosity, keeping your attention span, offering a taste of culture to a wide spread range demographics. This record is universal, dipping in different decades; current enough for the youth and grown enough for your folks, it’s not often we get this type of perspective on a project this size.

With all home grown features, Henny Holyfield is showing you organically good music doesn’t need A-list artists, big features, or radio formatting to acquire notoriety in today’s current market. Sky rocketing on Spotify and other platforms, Clocked In is proving to those who ever doubted what the underground is capable of.

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