New Album: JOULE$ – Hood Shaman

Hood Shaman is the anthem for anyone doing good for their community, helping them heal; not only mentally but spiritually. A hood shaman pushes love, not poison. During these times of uncertainty the only thing that can heal us is good vibrations, pure energy and something to believe in.

JOULE$ is only one of many hood shamans around the world. This soundtrack is designed and intended to spark that flame in anyone who truly listens and is willing to make a difference for themselves and others around them. Through the use and teachings of all natural remedies that come straight from this earth (which can be many things) nothing more, nothing less; we will see through these times.

“The message will go over heads and I have made peace with that but let this be the soundtrack, your soundtrack, to the spiritual revolution that is about to begin within,” JOULE$ says.

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