New Album: SIR COG – S1k Millennium: So I Really Came Outta Genocyde

S1k Millennium: So I Really Came Outta Genocyde is an album put together by SIR COG, one of independent hip hop’s most highly anticipated creators, representing Dallas, TX. The album provides that raw unfiltered good ol’ hard-hitting music you love to stumble upon in your music collection and explore before you find out the world is already rocking out to it, and you’re told you’re a late listener. SIR COG is a trap lyricist that explains the mentality of the Dallas streets. Him being a deep rooted connection to northern Louisiana also explains his heavy vocabulary and choice of words. He gave you S1k Millennium just to let the world know that it’s his time and the countdown has expired. This is just an edition of SIR COG‘s most original form of raw music, this is coming from his soul and full of origination. He’s planning to up the ante on his mainstream potential.

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