New Single: IQ – Everywhere I Go

Everywhere I Go” is the first official release by up and coming rapper IQ. It’s a great first single that describes in detail how he started doing hip hop at a young age. The single starts off with a little expected IQ math; “IQ plus a beat,” followed by that equation’s answer which is a first verse filled with some of the illest battle rapping-type lyrics that seem to be directed towards anyone who might hate or compete.

Filled with intricate rhyme patterns, similies, and metaphors, the track hits hard with a catchy bassline and sick trap drums, while IQ flows on it like he was meant for the beat. He produces gems like “cops don’t even tell me to freeze,” and finishes it off with a fast double-time flow full of more rapid fire rhymes and gems like “startin’ cold wars like I’m speaking in Russian” and “even if you steal an oven you couldn’t make your album hot.”

If this one is any indication, everywhere that this MC goes, he spits, and is about to be releasing some real fire.”

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