The SUPERKING or The Real SUPERKING as he is also called is an American entertainer from Birmingham, AL born Marcus Pritchett. The SUPERKING is credited as a stand-up comedian, rapper, producer, taste maker, and advocate for both literacy and the arts for young urban African Americans.

A professional entertainer with nearly two decades of executive producing and releasing his own musical and comedy releases to moderate success. The SUPERKING began recording music during his high school years where he at one point was a member of the same local hip hop collective The NATION OF KINGZ with fellow comedian Jermaine FUNNY MAINE Johnson.

Soon, performing stand-up comedy and touring took over as the main breadwinner and music took a back seat. During one such tour, a chance encounter with DJ Evil Dee (Da Beatminerz) followed by several back and forth conversations led to a renewed interest in recording new material.

During the winter of 2019, the combined efforts of both resulted into the collaboration of several songs, namely the song “FIRE,” and along with a music video, it was released and received well among many underground hip hop purists and new fans. The momentum was derailed with a return to touring but rekindled The SUPERKING‘s proverbial fire and passion for releasing new music.

Armed with new energy, attitude, and a unique style for crafting hip hop songs reminiscent of the famed 90’s era, many believe The SUPERKING may have stumbled on the perfect formula with his current single entitled “SUPASTAR,” again produced by Da Beatminerz.

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