New Video: Dax feat. Trippie Redd – i don’t want another sorry

Y’all should have known better than to think that Dax would let a worldwide pandemic get in the way of his skyrocketing music career. It’s been heads down since the Ottawa-bred artist transplanted to L.A., and the focus is paying off into a laudable discography and a distinctive lyrical style noted for balancing both hard bars, tough subjects, and the kind of hope and optimism that has been hard to hold onto through 2020.

His latest release is “i don’t want another sorry,” a breakup ballad with an unlikely conspirator, Trippie Redd. The two have been circling each other for the better part of three years and Dax, ever the daredevil, took the easy camaraderie they shared as a challenge to push himself musically.

“No one’s ever seen me work with a mainstream artist like Trippie. It was great to get together with him for this project. I’m excited to see how I was able to like integrate someone like him into my world,” Dax told Complex Canada. “The song still has a lot of Dax energy and he fits perfectly into it.”

Dax‘s infamous energy is all over the video for his new single—the clip quite literally visualizes the theme of heartbreak through a prolonged and gruesome cardiac transplant. There’s something about the vulnerability of being gutted open on an operating table that brings Dax as close as any human can come to expressing the unfathomable anguish of heartbreak.

Still, not even having his chest ripped open can stop the man—this is a comeback story before anything else, and Dax emerges from the harrowing experience stronger than ever.

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