New Video: Jxphreeze – Colorado

A Northwest born music enthusiast, Jxphreeze grew up between two cities just across the water from one another. With a family that has deep ties to the music world, it isn’t a surprise that when it comes to talent, JxPhreeze captures both the characteristics of a seasoned entertainer and skilled emcee. Being versatile with his delivery and dedicating all his time to his craft is what his fans respect and enjoy while being entertained.

With a strong powerful foundation and having an untainted track record for his footwork is why things are starting to quickly progress for this young musician. His motivation, talent, and growing popularity will land him in a market of industry worthy rappers. His album BMW Music is being pieced together and set to be released soon.

Jxphreeze recently traveled to Denver, CO to shoot the video for his latest single, “Colorado.” Please check it out above and let us know you think.

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