Text Marketing


Our aim is to get your text message sent out within five business days.

  • Number Of Contacts

    Choose the number of contacts that you want your text message to be sent out to.

    • 22.5 $
    • 62.5 $
    • 112.5 $
    • 197.5 $

    Your Message

    Please enter the text message you want us to send out. A text message can be 160 characters including a link (please only include one link).

    • $

Text marketing drives results. With a 98% open-rate, it’s hard to beat the effectiveness of a text marketing.

Marketing via text message is the smartest, easiest, most reliable way to quickly reach out to a big group of people. The majority of text messages are opened within five minutes.

75% prefer to be contacted via text rather than email. Especially for millennials, texting is the preferred method. Texting is the communication tool of the future. Don’t get left behind!

To fit most budgets, we have made it where you choose the amount of people you want to reach out to. With our text marketing service, we can send out your message to up to 10,000 people. It is an excellent way to quickly get the word out about your music, brand, business, product, event, etc.

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