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Before you place an order, please scroll down and read all of the information.

The email blast campaign includes:

  • One email blast with your music to 100,000+ contacts
    These contacts include hip hop fans, media, hip hop magazines, label execs, A&Rs, talent seekers, booking agents, managers, artists, producers, radio stations, etc.
  • Music post on our website
    Your music will be posted on our website which is visited by thousands of people every day.
  • One post on our IG page
    Your music will be posted on our official IG page @realrappromoo with over 6,000 followers.
  • One story post on our three IG pages
    Your music will be posted in the story of our four IG pages @realrappromoo, @rapcheddar, @rapstarvidz and @tihhmcom with a total of over 57,000 followers.
  • Twitter posts
    Your music will be shared at least three to five times on our three Twitter pages @1realrappromo, @rapstarvidz and @tihhmcom with a total of over 16,000 followers.
  • 5+ hip hop blog posts
    Your music will be posted on at least five hip hop blogs.

Once you have placed your order, we will email you (within 24 hours) to request all of the information that we need from you. Your email blast will be sent out within five business days (you can request it to be sent out on a specific date if you wish).


    Please let us know what you want to promote with the email blast. We will email you (within 24 hours) to request all of the necessary information from you.


    Rush Delivery

    If you check this box, your email blast is guaranteed to be sent out within two business days.


Our powerful email blast service is exclusively designed for hip hop artists looking to elevate their music to new heights!

With our extensive reach of over 100,000+ devoted hip hop fans and industry contacts, our email blast is the ultimate tool to showcase your talent to a massive audience. This carefully curated list ensures that your music reaches the right ears, giving you the opportunity to make a lasting impact on your fans and the industry.

We understand the importance of effective promotion, and that’s why our email blast service is tailored to maximize your exposure. Whether you’re an up-and-coming artist or a seasoned performer, our platform provides an unparalleled opportunity to share your artistry with those who matter most.

Let us be your bridge to success, connecting you directly with your target audience and influential figures within the hip hop community. Don’t miss out on the chance to have your music heard by thousands of passionate fans and potential collaborators.

Take the leap and let your music resonate with a massive audience through our email blast service today! It’s time to make your mark and leave a lasting impression on the world of hip hop.

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