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Our Instagram post includes both page feed post and story post on all five of our Instagram accounts.

Our aim is to get your post done within 5 days. Do you need it posted quicker? Pick rush delivery under options.



    Please give us a link to your video on either YouTube or Instagram. If you have already posted the video on Instagram, you can link to it here and we will grab it directly from your Instagram page.

    What's The Artist's Instagram Username?

    Please enter the artist's IG username so that we can tag the artist(s) in the posts.

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    What City/State Is The Artist From?

    Please enter the city and state that the artist is repping.

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    Rush Delivery

    If you check this box, your post is guaranteed to go up within 24 hours.


Be Seen by Thousands of Hip Hop Fans

With our Instagram post, your picture or video clip will be seen by thousands of people who are interested in hip hop music. This is a very cost-effective way to quickly get your message out to a big group of people. Let us share your picture or video with a total of more than 70,000 followers today! Our Instagram post includes both page feed post and story post.

Our Instagram Accounts

We will post your picture or video via the following Instagram accounts:

@rapstarvidz (16,000+ followers)
@realrappromoo (4,300+ followers)
@tihhmcom (33,100+ followers)
@rapcheddar (11,000+ followers)
@nosuckarap (6,600+ followers)

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