Single: D’U – “Savage Life”

Chicago artist D’U releases his first single, “Savage Life.” The single is dedicated to individuals whom are living in the urban neighborhoods whom are effected with violence daily.

“Guns bussin… Sirens coming… See kids running… Women Ducking… They feel nothing but empty stomachs… Taste murder… And smell money… But tell me something are you here, do you care how shorty live?…. Savage Life… Savage Life… That’s why they savage life, Don’t ask a Savage n**ca why!”

The GGE artist takes his listeners into the harsh world of the Chicago streets by giving them lyrics that depict the struggle that is going on in almost every hood state to state. D’U is bringing that real rap back by speaking on things that are happening in our communities, but expressing them lyrically. He has put out a track that not only the savages could relate to, but a single that people from these struggling communities can relate to as well. GGE and their artist is bringing that real rap back to the game!

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