When a label/A&R is looking at you, one of the first and most important things they look at, is your following online. They want to see that you already have a strong fan base and a lot of people following you. Our Social Media Packages are perfect for any artist. We use proper marketing methods to give you real and active Twitter followers, Instagram followers, and Facebook likes. These are all real people that can be turned into fans of your music.

Small Social Media Package
2,500 Instagram followers
2,500 Twitter followers
1,000 Facebook likes
Medium Social Media Package
10,000 Instagram followers
10,000 Twitter followers
2,500 Facebook likes
Large Social Media Package
25,000 Instagram followers
25,000 Twitter followers
10,000 Facebook likes
Major Social Media Package
100,000 Instagram followers
100,000 Twitter followers
25,000 Facebook likes