Unsigned Hype: Ultra_eko – Yellow

South London based independent hip hop artist Ultra_eko has just released his new single, “Yellow.”

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Ultra_eko is a south London based independent hip hop artist. He has emerged only this year, demonstrating a fresh and original voice in a genre desperately needing invention. His music is varied and eclectic, ranging from the dark and melodic piano infused beats of ‘Monster’, to the freewheeling frivolous and high energy Mozart remix that is ‘Moolah’. From the low-key soulful introspectiveness of ‘Low,’ to the catchy pop satire of ‘Broken Glass’.

Although the music is certainly within the hip-hop genre, there is not a specific sound that defines it. Rather, the thread that unites and runs through all his tracks is the distinct and powerful voice of Ultra_eko himself. The writing behind these verses is well written, clearly composed with great care and precession, and every track has its own story to tell. The depth and wisdom, the authentic voice found in these tracks is born out of Ultra_eko’s own wealth of experience. Born in South London to a working-class family, he has lived his life amongst the characters about whom he writes, working as a market trader, professional gambler and smuggler, amongst other things. There is a recognisable truth and authenticity to his writing that cannot be faked, and which makes him so unique in a genre characterised by shallow appearances. Ultra_eko has bold ambitions, and would love to help hip hop achieve a great potential which he believes it has so far not got close to reaching.

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