Video Premiere: SD “Circles”

Today, SD has released the lustrous new visual for the single “Circles” from his forthcoming debut album Truly Blessed. The video which was directed by Jawney Qvest, personifies how SD has strived to find a balance between authenticity and fame, as he transitions from the interior of a church to the passenger seat of a Bentley within seconds.

When commenting on Truly Blessed, the Chicago artist states, “the album is going to be something remarkable. My music will put people in the state of mind of just being themselves; live their life and be and feel blessed for everything they have received, worked, and stayed on their grind for.” He adds that the album’s latest single holds a great deal of relevance, stating, “I want my album to help them feel comfortable with who they are, with the decisions they choose to make, and stop them from going in circles.”

SD’s Truly Blessed hits stores worldwide November 18th via Truly Blessed / iHipHop Distribution.

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