Xpression The MC feat. Excluzive & TMF Precha – Bent Rules

In a three-way collaborative effort, rappers Xpression, Excluzive and TMF Precha (AKA Tony Fountain) have teamed up for the bustling rap track “Bent Rules.” The track is out now on all platforms and is a fine example of the rhyming proficiencies of all three rappers and producers.

Bending the boundaries of hip hop and rap, all three rappers relentlessly detail their experiences and hard work hustling to the top. The essence of being self-made is exuded with poise and direction through each of their verses, resulting in a track that tells the stories of all three as they continue their climb in the scene. In a day and age rife with restrictions and censorship, here we have a true living example of “Bent Rules.”

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